Agile Allies: F-35s at Ramstein 1v1

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Agile Allies: F-35s at Ramstein 1v1

An international mix of F-35s trained with NATO allies earlier this month during a first-ever basic fighter maneuvering exercise at Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

Ramstein 1v1 featured F-35s from the U.S., U.K., the Netherlands, and Norway.

More than 30 fighter jets and 60 fighter pilots from nine NATO nations conducted friendly one-on-one dogfighting drills to enhance their skills, interoperability, and trust.

Ready Player 2

“Basic fighter maneuvering – sometimes called dogfighting – is a foundational skill set for fighter pilots,” said Lt. Col. Michael Loringer, U.S. Air Forces in Europe ‒ Air Forces Africa chief of weapons and tactics, who led the planning of Ramstein 1v1.

Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force Photo by Tech. Sgt. Megan Beatty

Use the Force(s)

Back on the tarmac, U.S. Air Force maintainers serviced Norwegian F-35s for the first time, which enabled Norway to participate without organic ground crew support.

“We talk a lot about interoperability and today we are exemplifying this capability by having our jets cross-serviced by maintainers from other countries,” said Loringer, noting that it’s a force multiplier for U.S. national security and NATO’s unified, collective defense.

Strength, in Numbers

The F-35’s growing presence across Europe is a powerful example of alliance-based deterrence and 21st Century Security.

By the 2030s, more than 600 F-35s will be stationed on the European continent, including Germany’s own future 5th Generation fleet.