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Essential to Allied Airpower


The growing community of F-35 nations strengthens global security and deters our enemies. The F-35 provides stability and value vital to military partnerships with key allies around the world, fueling shared global deterrence through interoperability and collaboration.

Strengthening Allied Deterrence

  • Unmatched Interoperability

  • Proven, Critical Joint Capabilities

  • Ten Nations with Pilots and/or Maintainers in Training with the F-35 Training System

Redefining how America and our allies train, fight and win. 

Delivering Diplomacy in Action

  • 17 Allies and Partners

  • Cost-Sharing Benefits

  • Strengthening Global Security

Powering partnerships, security and economic growth. 

Redefining Global Air Power

  • 400+ F-35s Across NATO by 2030

  • Stability and Value for Global Military Partnerships

Growing community of allied partners with F-35s provides a powerful deterrent.

“I had a very good meeting with Finnish Air Force Commander Major-General Pasi Jokinen. Increasing cooperation with our newest F-35 partner is essential to deepening regional interoperability, enhancing deterrence & strengthening the security of Europe & the Arctic.”

–Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr., Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force