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Made in Italy – Delivered to the World

The country that first dreamt of human flight is leading the world again. The F-35 Lightning II soars on the wings of Italian craftsmanship and boosts the Italian economy with thousands of high-technology, high-skill jobs that are building the global F-35 fleet. As a partner in the F-35 Lightning II program, Italian industry will help support the F-35 for more than 30 years, from the production of parts and the final assembly of aircraft to regional sustainment work.

Base Locations 

Program Milestones 

2015: First Italian-produced F-35 takes flight in Cameri, Italy.
2018: First Italian-made F-35B delivered to the Italian Navy
2019: The Cameri MROU Depot Declares Initial Depot Capability
2016: First Italian-produced F-35 makes program's first transatlantic crossing.
2018: Italian Air Force declares F-35A Initial Operational Capability
2016:  First Italian F-35 arrives in-country at Amendola AB.  
2019: Delivery of first Non-Italian aircraft, known as AN-9, from Cameri