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Delivering 5th Generation Sustainment for Mission Readiness


The F-35 team is working across government and industry for greater affordability. Lockheed Martin has significantly lowered our share of cost per flight hour over the last five years. 

Zeroed in on Affordability
  • 50% Reduction in Operating and Support Costs

  • Additional 35% Cost Reduction Anticipated Over the Next Five Years

Delivering an affordable and sustainable fleet through significant Lockheed Martin investments. 

Increasing Availability 

  • Combat Operational Performance Remains Strong
  • Twice as Reliable as 4th Generation Fighters

Partnering with the U.S. government and our industry partners to increase availability across the growing fleet. 

Investing in Improvements

  • Digital Tools

  • Parts Availability

  • Process Efficiencies

Leveraging more than $400 million in sustainment improvements to reduce our share of operating and support costs.


"The key to keeping the cost down in an air fleet is getting the numbers up. There is a strong correlation between the size of the fleet and the cost of the fleet. In my view, we should get the cost down and keep the procurement at a rate that makes sense."

The Honorable Frank Kendall III, Secretary of the Air Force Nominee