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Delivering 5th Generation Sustainment for Mission Readiness

The F-35 team is delivering sustainment today to ensure aircraft are mission ready anytime, anywhere. As the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the F-35, Lockheed Martin’s engineers and sustainment teams understand every aspect of the aircraft, anticipating the needs of the flight line to support the warfighter. Because minutes matter, Lockheed Martin’s 24/7 operations centers and sustainment engineers partner closely with the customer to solve new challenges and ensure the aircraft is ready when the mission calls.

Sustaining the F-35’s transformational capabilities is essential to counter evolving threats of near peer adversaries. The F-35 program is delivering 5th Generation Sustainment – high reliability, predictive health monitoring, a high velocity supply chain and condition-based maintenance – to provide more readiness at less cost. Additionally, the team is committed to sustaining the aircraft at a cost similar to that of legacy aircraft and has significantly lowered Lockheed Martin’s portion of the sustainment cost per flight hour over the last five years.   

F-35 Sustainment