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The F-35 for Switzerland

The F-35 is a multi-role fighter aircraft that is ideally suited to the task of monitoring, protecting and defending Swiss airspace. The F-35's capabilities such as advanced electronic warfare, the ability to conduct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and network-enabled operations that allow it to share data with allied assets, will ensure the Swiss Air Force can defend Swiss sovereignty for decades to come.

 Switzerland's first F-35s will be equipped with TR-3 hardware that has the latest Block 4 software.

Through the F-35 program, Lockheed Martin is providing direct and indirect projects to enable Swiss industry involvement and further expansion into the military aerospace and defense global markets.

Base Locations

Program Milestones 

2021: Swiss Federal Council announces F-35 as New Fighter Aircraft competition selectee
2022: Procurement contract finalized for Switzerland to acquire 36 F-35As
2025: Swiss aircraft production began