5th Gen Capabilities

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Unrivaled Capabilities


The F-35 delivers an unrivaled advantage for our pilots, nation, and global partners. A decisive differentiator in near-peer warfare, the F-35 is the most advanced node in the networked 21st Century Security operational vision.

Enabling Joint All Domain Operations
  • Sensor Fusion Connects Systems

  • Multirole Capabilities

  • Unmatched Data Sharing
Delivering Unmatched
  • Lowest Total Cost to Achieve Mission Result

  • Allied Partnerships Further Reduce Costs
Evolving for
Tomorrow’s Threats
  • Enhanced Electronic Warfare

  • Manned-unmanned Teaming
  • Advanced Sensors 
  • 5th Gen Weapons Capability,
    including JASSM and LRASM



F-35 Capabilities: Stealth

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F-35 Capabilities: Sensor Fusion

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F-35 Capabilities: Multirole Fighter

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