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5th Generation Capabilities

The 5th Generation F-35 is more than a fighter jet – it’s a powerful force multiplier with advanced sensors and communications suites that significantly enhance the capabilities of networked airborne, surface and ground-based platforms – sharing critical information in the Joint-All Domain Operations battlespace. It is the only fighter in production capable of surviving in contested environments and deterring or defeating near-peer adversaries.

The aircraft was designed to deliver follow-on modernization as technology evolves, providing F-35 pilots with the latest capabilities to stay ahead of any adversary. The F-35 team continues to drive down the cost of the F-35 to provide 5th Generation capability at the same or less cost of 4th generation aircraft. Over the last five years, Lockheed Martin has reduced its portion of the F-35 sustainment cost per flight hour by 40%, reducing the cost of critical 5th Generation capabilities for F-35 customers around the globe.

Preparing Pilots and Maintainers

More than 1,300 F-35 pilots and more than 10,300 maintainers have qualified through the F-35 Training System, and 10 nations have pilots and/or maintainers in training. Simulation plays a prominent role in the F-35 training process, more so than legacy platforms. Because of the advanced capabilities of the F-35, it is not possible to adequately challenge pilots in the live environment alone. With simulation, the F-35 team is redefining how pilots train to maximize the jet’s 5th Generation capabilities.