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Feronyl Secures Contract for Advanced Composites within Belgian F-35 Program

Feronyl has been awarded a multi-year contract by Lockheed Martin for research and development of advanced materials for use on high-heat surfaces. As part of this contract, the company will develop a next-generation material with potential applications on jet turbine engines and hypersonic vehicles.

The Mouscron-based company specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced components made out of polymers & composites, Feronyl is already involved in aerospace & defence programs, and is highly specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-demand products with uses in medical, energy and other demanding markets. This project is a direct result of the Essential Security Interest commitments made through the Lockheed Martin F-35 program, which offer Belgian companies opportunities for industrial work with a socio-economical footprint.

“We are highly proud to have been selected for this program,” Feronyl CEO Bruno Dedecker said. “This contract reflects the strong partnership between Belgian industry, Lockheed Martin, and the United States.” This award expands Feronyl’s work in the aerospace and defense industry, which includes an already very extensive list of products, including lightweight engine components, cockpit-critical components, Titanium encapsulated composites, sensors for space applications.

This contract between Lockheed Martin and Feronyl expands the business opportunities between the two companies in the domain of advanced manufacturing and materials.

Click here to read the full press release from Feronyl